Operation Visit Japan Update – The countdown begins

The light at the end of the tunnel is now in my face, the finish line is in sight and the goal is within touching distance. I just have endure five (looong) weeks before I jet off to Japan for 21 days. All the boxes listed in my previous update on Operation Visit Japan have been ticked. Japan visa, US transit visa, leave from work, train pass exchange order and plane tickets! All the steps listed have some kind of interesting story attached to them from going too early to apply for Japan visa to having American Airline’s website explode into tiny pieces in the middle of my booking session. I cannot thank everyone who has helped me get this far enough and I do mean EVERYONE who has contributed in one way or another to my dream becoming a reality in a few weeks.

Fit a tornado into a pocket

All thats left now to plan out my itinerary which will be a big task as my head is a big mash-up of everything  I want to see, do, eat and experience in Japan plus there is a humongous list of cool peeps I have met online over the course of the years I have been blogging that I want to meet-up with while in Japan. The only analogy I can think of for this situation is trying to fit a tornado into a pocket, but I will find a way to fit it all in!

Stay connect for updates

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