Operation Visit Japan in the home stretch

Jamaipanese.com is over five years old but my love for Japan goes back longer than that. Almost 18 months ago I started Operation Visit Japan that focused on slewing the financial behemoth a trip Jamaica to Japan is. Financially all is set now now and although a very unfortunate disaster in Japan delayed my trip a little it is now matter of getting though a bunch of applications and paper work. At the time of this blog post the 4 major steps left before I can finally rest easy and start packing my bags for Japan.

  • Vacation Leave Application and approval
  • Japanese Visa Application
  • United States Visa Application
  • Purchase Train Pass
  • Purchase Plane Tickets
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I’m not too nervous about any one step in particular I’m just nervoxcited (nervous + excited) about the final process and now being in the home stretch. I’ve been “practicing” up for those Youtube videos I promised and althought my desktop PC decided to stop working I am working on a way to start recording them – even if I have to stay back at work and do it!

Thank you all for your continued support. Subscribe to the Jamaipanese.com Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter. Lots of updates coming in the coming weeks such as when I leave, how long I will be staying, and some other plans. Stay tuned…

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23 thoughts on “Operation Visit Japan in the home stretch

  1. Congratulations on finally reaching the final destination for your trip to Japan.
    I am really looking forward to your travel diary.

      1. a stall you a stall. yuh fraid seh when yuh reach [smile] some schoolgirl ago give yuh a flying bitch kick?

  2. You’ve proved once and for all that with a focus goal, determination and proper planning, one can indeed make one’s dreams come true!

    I’m really looking forward to your travelogue about your trip!

  3. Makes you feel very happy to be able to just buy a ticket and jump on a plane (as you can in Australia)… it’s easy to forget how much is involved for international travel for a lot of places around the world.

    Keep up the motivation and start ticking those remaining steps off.

  4. Glad to see you’re finally going to get to go to Japan!!
    “nervoxcited” is just how I would describe how I was while waiting for my paper work to go through as well. Don’t worry though, you’ll be there in no time! [pole] [japan]

  5. I’m SO excited for you!! You know that I know how it feels to work towards something for so long that you want so bad! I’m gonna go follow you on Youtube now too and will love to follow your journey as you’ve followed mine.

    You must stay in contact…..I have a small crush on you [jamaica]

  6. Well done!!! You should definitely visit Osaka the people are funny and the vibe of the place is great, stay here if you do http://www.bonsaiguesthouse.com/index_en.html a sweet family run the place, let me add it’s called Bonsai guesthouse because the rooftop hosts a multitude of Bonsai trees. If your looking for the cheapest accommodation for a long stay go with this company, i stayed with them last year http://www.sakura-house.com/ also if you don’t manage to get a rail pass just use http://willerexpress.com/bus/pc/3/top/;jsessionid=D3BA6D3389192E0453C4F428BB66BBC8.ap34bus2 their a reasonable price and the coaches are the BOOOOMB!

    That is all LOL! Dude have a mega time.

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