Anime Nation 2011 puts Jamaica on Cosplay map

After it’s inaugural staging last year Anime Nation returned in 2011 bigger and better. Anime Nation 2011 was an epic event for fans of anime, cosplay, video games and Japan as patrons came from all over Jamaica to enjoy the event many of them wearing costumes or “cosplaying” as their favourite characters from various anime and video games. The Japanese Embassy was also present with Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica Hiroshi Yamaguchi speech well received. Live performances, question and answer sessions, lots of prizes and surprises ensured that Anime Nation 2011 was a big hit.

Lots of awesome Cosplayers

I spotted costumes from dozens of different anime and video games such as Final Fantasy, One Peice, Soul Eater, Bleach, Naruto, Van Hellsing and many many more. My camera’s crappy low light performance continues to be a hindrance and because of that many of my shots didn’t come out too well. I’ll have to either get a proper off camera flash, upgrade my camera or both. I also need to talk with the organizers so they would have a designated area with good lighting for posing and photo ops in future stagings of the event.

How was Anime Nation this year?

Did you attend Anime Nation this year? If yes, how was it? and if you were also present last year how does it compare? Check out more photos below and leave a comment with your feedback on the event below.


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  1. all your suggestions will be well receieved, just let us know, thanks for coming and thanks for the article

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