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I am very late onto the anime wagon for the new Summer 2011 series. At the time of this post I have yet to watch any episode of any of the new series and other than the X-Men anime I still have some catching up to do with some of the series I had been watching from my Spring 2011 anime list and even before that. Better late that never so I have been mulling over the plot synopsis’s and trailers for some of the new anime this summer and plucked a few that I think would be interesting.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

It’s the last 1800s and a Japanese girl named Yune travels to Paris with French traveler Oscar to help out in his his nephews ironwork shop. From what I understand it’s a story about two different cultures and people from different backgrounds learning to understand their differences and appreciate what they have in common. Worth a watch but my annoying female lead senses are tingling.

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The coolest Superhero vampire is in town as another of Marvel’s IPs gets the anime treatment. I couldn’t bare watching a minute of Wolverine, I endured some of Iron Man but couldn’t see it through to it’s generic end and while I enjoyed some of X-Men it definitely wasn’t a good series so will Blade be any different? I sure as hell don’t know but I love the whole vampire bit my mom when she was pregnant so now I am mad angry and want revenge kind of story.


No.6 looks like a brain twisting story heavy series that will keep me interested. I have not seen an episode yet but I am already expecting great things from this show. It is based on a novel and the story stars Shion who was raised from an early age among the elite and on his 12 birthday most move to a new mysterious and futuristic city where the highest ranked individuals in a very segregated society reside. Hopefully I am not disappointed by this show.

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Vampires, demons, a sword with hard to pronounce names, lots blood gushing action and a decent sized cast is what I notice from what I have read so far and/or also expect from Blood-C. I am not very familiar with the “Blood” series on anime but something tells me I’ll either love or hate this anime after the first couple episodes.

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5 thoughts on “Interesting Summer 2011 Anime

  1. I saw both Blood: The Last Vampire and Blood+. Both were very worthwhile. Unless they seriously departed from the nature of the series, and looking at the screenshot you provided they probably did, then Blood C should be gritty, bloody, and an emotional drama.

  2. Hmm… these series look very interesting. I’m looking forward to see Blood-C (is that related to Blood+, by the way?), and the Ikoku one sounds like it has a very interesting plot… but yeah, who knows if the lead female would act too “unrealistic”.

    Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. I’ve watched every Blood movie published, and I’ve now started to watch Blood-C, and I like it so far. Yes, it’s a bit different, but it’s all coming together, like in Blood+ she doesn’t really know who or what she is other than, she has to fight demons. I like it, so I’d recommend watching it.

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