X-Men Anime Review

The X-Men Anime is finally over (for now) and after following it for the last three months I can somewhat share my own thoughts on an anime I wasn’t so sure about when I did my X-Men anime first impressions post in May. I did like a few characters, while disliking a few others, I also liked the first couple of fight scenes I saw and the nostalgic feeling I got from it especially the music, but did I like the series as a whole?

Masterminding a crappy Omega Class villain

The quick answer to my own questions is, No. While there are certain aspects of the X-Men anime I liked initially as the show went on it become less interesting and more frustrating as the fight scenes got worse, the music failed to match the mood, some what the !(*# moments in the story and a final “showdown” that was as interesting as watching my grandfather change his dentures.

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Blast everything while catching a shirtless pose

The X-Men anime started well, really it did. Those early clashes with the U-Men, Wolverine and Cyclops soothing their differences, unexpected additions to the team, the blackbird falling from the sky and a mature flavour to the series that caught my eye enough to want to see more. Then it was all about people repeatedly transforming into uncontrollable abominations, Cyclops blasting everything while catching a shirtless pose, Beast doing more damage with his mouth than his powers, Wolverine occasionally going berserk, Storm using one retarded lightening attack, Hisako making me cringing every time she was on screen and a pair of double D oppai that would make any fan of 2-D girls inadvertently launch them-self into orbit.

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Might still be worth a watch

Comic books don’t usually make the transition to other media well and while I enjoyed the recent X-Men movie release X-Men: First Class the X-Men anime wasn’t that fortunate. Might still be worth a watch for diehard X-Men fans while everybody else should stop watching after about episode 8 or 9. Seen the X-Men anime? Tell me what you think via a comment below.


7 thoughts on “X-Men Anime Review

  1. I totally agree with you, X-Men Anime (like Wolverine Anime) starts out very good, and then seems to last about 6 episodes too long!

    They seemed to include Emma Frost for her Double D breasts, rather than her telepathy…

    All in all, without giving away any spoilers, it was VERY disappointing. [pole]

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