Life without a Computer

Ok, I know, my phone is technically a computer, so is my PlayStation 4 but the “computer” I am been living without in a sense for the past few months is a personal computer. No more PC gaming, no more uploading videos to my youtube channel even though I have hours of footage stacking up and so much to share and say. No more podcast updates as I somehow left my mic back in Jamaica (my PS4 was apparently more important).

First World Problems?

I’ve been writing blog posts from my phone and checking then publishing in my free time at work. All this would have been avoided if that cheap laptop I tried to buy before moving to Japan didn’t arrive with a messed up screen. Having a faulty laptop arrive days before you move to the other side of the planet, might have been my first experience with “first world problems“. I paid taxes to import that mofo from America but now I’ll have to send the bastard back to Dell (I shouldn’t have bought a Dell) by first getting back to America! Kinda hard when you had a million and one things to do before the big move.

I also brought my First Order Tie Fighter to Japan but sadly not my cat

In the end, I left it in Jamaica and thanks to my bestest friend in the world got it back to Amazon via New York weeks after it was due to be returned but Amazon redeemed themselves by allowing me an extra month to return in. The refund arrived a week later and here I am now, PC-less in Japan (for 2 months and counting). I keep going from wanting to pick up a cheap PC tomorrow or waiting until December and get myself what I would never have imagined getting back in Jamaica – a gaming laptop.

Cheap Laptop or Gaming Laptop?

The small spaces and change in lifestyle that Japan has brought have given me a new understanding of multifunctional items that save space. I miss having a PC, I want to edit and share videos, I want to record more podcast episodes and most importantly stay up late at night browsing the web on something other than my Samsung Galaxy S7. What do you think I should do? Wait til December and buy a sick gaming laptop or spring for a cheap laptop naow! vote in the poll below – onegaishimasu!


Budget Laptop naow or Gaming Laptop in December?

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