Gundam Unicorn – The Ghost of Laplace

My write-up on the third episode of the ongoing Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn series is extremely late. Since returning from Japan I have rewatched the episode and had the opportunity to enjoy it all over again. It is very satisfying in a Gundam episode chuck full of battles and episode 3 was full of battles, explosions, death and destruction. Picking up write after the Second coming of Char, the Ghost of Laplace starts with space battle with the goal to recover the Unicorn Gundam and it’s pilot Banager.

As expected with a Gundam series, every character introduction, scene and piece of dialog must be paid close attention to in order to understand the story properly. While I am already growing annoyed at some of the female characters *cough* Audrey *cough* I am super excited about the upcoming episode which at the time of this post is about a month from release.

I grow tired of the extremely log wait between episodes and I feel like the continuity of the story is jeopardized, at least in my head. I continue to be impressed by the triple A production values and although it will take a loooooooong time to finally reach it’s end the box set of this series will be an excellent buy.