The Great Buddha of Kamakura

Apart from what I skimmed over in high school I didn’t know much about Buddhism. While in Japan I visited many Buddhist temples and saw various statues of “the awakened one” or Buddha. During a day trip to Kamakura I visited the Kamakura Daibutsu, one the biggest Buddha Statues in Japan that I had read about and seen various pictures of.

After my wonderful first experience with the Buddha at Todaiji I was extra excited to see the Kamakura Buddha. While in Kamakura I learned a lot about the town from when it was the capital of Japan. The Kamakura Buddha is almost 800 years old and has spent 500 years outside because his house kept being destroyed by fire, typhoons and even a tidal wave. The Japanese decided to stop rebuilding his temple and so he has sat outside meditating ever since.

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An interesting sight if you are visiting or live in the Tokyo metropolitan  area and wait to escape the confines of the concrete jungle for a day alone or with friends or family, I saw some other attractions in Kamakura that I’ll detail with photos and videos in future posts.

I tried to “understand it” but Buddhism is too complexed for me though with various sects and interpretations that I could spend years trying to figure it all out. More pictures of Buddha-sama below and a video above in case you missed it.