My Romantic experience with the Narita Express

If you somehow didn’t know from my numerous blog posts about trains in Japan and my chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc., I am crazy about the Japanese train system, the trains themselves, the history, whats to come in the future, everything. So not surprisingly one of the main things I wanted to see and experience in Japan was… you guessed it, the trains! Before visiting Japan I thought that train loving my heart belonged the Shinkansen or Bullet Train but I was mistaken as after almost a day in the sky, numerous flights and lots of walking I somehow fell into the comforting arms of a new love – The Narita Express.


The trip from Kingston to Tokyo is tiring to say the least. After landing halfway around the world in a foreign country, my brain numb with a bunch of large bags as disciples and hearing almost nothing but a language I could barely understand it was good to hop onto the Narita Express from Narita Airport to Yokohama. The 90 minute ride in the spacious and comfortable train felt like a palace compaired to the cramped quarters of the 3 planes I spent the last day in. I could recharge my gadgets while recovering from the shock that after years of wanting to go there, I was actually “in” Japan. The ultra smooth ride, offered evening views and glimpses of Tokyo, a playground I would be romping around for the next few weeks.

My first “Traingasm”

Indeed all throught my adventures in Japan I would spot the Narita express every now again and I remember going crazy when I saw 2 of them at the same station and unable to decide if I should just look, take a photo or record a video – I beleive that was my first traingasm. Being the first and last train I rode while in Japan my overative imagination can’t help but picture her (yes her) as the fist to welcome me and the last to say goodbye. I look forward to seeing you again Narita Express-chan, I long to see your shiny curves.