Club Sega Akihabara – Multi-Floor Gaming Arcade

Not surprisingly I spent a lot of time in Akihabara during my trip to Japan and one of the attractions that stood out was Club Sega, a multi-floor video game arcade and entertainment lounge. It features different games and attractions on each floor such as fighting games, crane machines, simulators and lots and lots of mecha themed games. It is almost impossible to not see the unique, red Club Sega building on the main street in Akihabara.

I went during the day time on a Weekday and while not packed there were many gamers around enjoying games such as Tekken and a Japanese Gundam themed multiplayer fighting game I am not remembering right now. Most games are reasonably priced at 100 yen a go with snacks and refreshments at nearby vending machines.

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I recorded  few videos inside and outside Club Sega which I have compiled and embedded above as well as lots of photographs below. Ever been to Club Sega? Want to go? Let me know what you think via a comment below!


9 thoughts on “Club Sega Akihabara – Multi-Floor Gaming Arcade

  1. Sorry I haven’t welcomed you back home before now – but I’ve been run off my feet (with work and colds). Still, it’s good that you got through your big adventure in one piece (even the pieces that you almost lost). It must be a bit unreal having completed now… and i’m sure you’re already thinking about the things that you didn’t have a chance to do.

    Can’t wait to get the more detailed story… and pics. (1500 sounds like a lot of blog posts).

  2. Could you please give me the exact adress to the sega club please , thank you. Cause ill be goin to tokyo next month

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