Japan’s Gundam vs the Chinese Counterfeit

Japan’s giant Gundam that was built and first appeared in Odaiba Japan and was a huge hit. After it was taken down in was re-built with a few upgrades and is now on display in Shizouka where it will remain until March 2011. Something so epic would only been done in a anime/manga crazed land like Japan and when it comes to anime Gundam is one of the first great successes.

wished the original and the knockoff fought out their differences

A theme park in China’s Floraland park in Chengdu, Sichuan province had blatantly copied the giant Gundam’s design and put up their own giant Gundam knockoff in the hopes of attracting crowds. A spokesman from the theme park was quoted as telling Japan’s Fuji TV that the design was “completely original” o.O. A picture of the knock-off is below, you be the judge.

The knock-off was soon tagged "Gansaku" - Japanese for "counterfeit".

Gundam officials quickly mobilized (not sure if they flew in mobile suits) and them the mysterious orange robot in China disappeared (not sure if it was blown up or voluntarily taken down).

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11 thoughts on “Japan’s Gundam vs the Chinese Counterfeit

  1. They completely muffed the crotch area… lol

    If it were black it woulda probably looked kool. The Chinese are sorta sneaky tho.. took the Jap’s months but this just appear out of thin air?

    The Japanese version still makes me smile tho.. still cant believe they built it. Make sure to take a picture when you fly out

  2. The orange-gold Chinese Gundam has re-appeared!!!

    They changed the color, added round shoulder-pads with spikes, tubing and other cheap crap that make it look like one of those robot-toy knock-offs you find in the Dollar store… for a dollar.

    Its so bad, the thing looks like its going to cry.

    PS: Japanese Gundam can kill Chinese Gundam

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