My Japan by Mauro Puccini

I have found another awesome video, this time containing a mash-up of dozens of pictures taken in Japan by Mauro Puccini. A product of a two month trek through Japan via car and taking photographs of the sights along they way. Fuji, Shimuzu, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Ueno, Kawane, Tokyo and so many other places.

Mix in some awesome accompanying music and you have another treat for Japan enthusiasts, especially those like me who have yet to visit and still far overseas. Videos like these help to keep me motivated so I will continue to share more and more of them as I come across them on video sharing websites. Video embedded after the jump – email and RSS readers click here to view My Japan by Mauro Puccini.

Mauro Puccini is a talented photographer whose work has been featured in many popular magazines like Vogue, Posh, Glamour and Panorama. Visit his website at

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5 thoughts on “My Japan by Mauro Puccini

    I loved it but I wished the pics changed at 1 or 0.5 second intervals so I could appreciate them more. Some of them looked really good. Didn’t know they still had steam engines still running in Japan tho =D

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