Honda debuts Solar-powered charging station

The basic gas station hasn’t evolved much in the last 80 years or so. The rise of fossil fuels over the last century has made them a regular sight on the roads, but with the world’s gas resources rapidly diminishing it has led to various initiatives to find a replacement for gasoline. Motor vehicles worldwide account for a massive chunk of the gas we consume so Honda has decided to target that market and it plotting the demise of the petrol station.

First of many Solar power charging stations to be built by Honda

Electromotive Technology

Honda has built and has started trialling a solar-powered public electric vehicle charging station (complete with a smartphone application) in Saitama Prefecture which will be the first of many across Japan that will test solar-powered charging technologies and electromotive technology that will feature in next-generation personal mobility products, including Honda’s EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles in real-world urban transportation environments. Take a look at the embedded video below.

Perfect for Jamaica

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I am not a crazy tree hugging environmentalist but as a human and resident of planet earth I truly believe that technologies like this should be put on the fast track especially in countries like Jamaica and other tropical and developing countries. 99% of the of the days of the year are bright and sunny here in Jamaica and solar power applications would go a far way to reducing our reliance on gas especially since we don’t produce any. I wonder if my Ministers of Technology or Energy even know about such a project or technology?

Solar powered Honda Accord anyone?

Via – Honda and Gizmag


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  1. I like the idea of Jamaica becoming more environmentally robust. Solar energy could generate very cheap electricity for the entire country. While the technology behind making the panels can be expensive! The trade off could be amazing. My questions are how much would the cars cost? And can the average jamaican afford it? Also how long does the charge take?

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