Innocent Love – Japanese Drama

Innocent Love is the 6th Japanese drama I took the time to watch in it’s entirety and the second most recommended one behind Great Teacher Onizuka. The main reason I didn’t watch it earlier is because I judged it from just looking at the advertising poster (seen below) and the name, I expected some kind of shallow, generic love story but it turned to have much more depth than I expected and almost joined My Boss My Hero as one of my favourite doramas.

Innocent Love Plot Synopsis
A mysterious fire destroys the home Akiyama Kanon killing her parents and leaving her homeless and her brother, Akiyama Youji locked up for arson. She defends he brother’s innocence and due to that is shunned  by her neighbors and forced to move to the city to find work and escape from it all. Not long after moving to the city she falls in love with Nagasaki Junya and that is where things start to get interesting.

Akiyama Kanon is played by the same actor as Kotani in Nobuta wo Produce

Crazy People and Pacing of the Story

Innocent Love’s cast was a decent one and I like to joke that most if not all the characters seen on screen has some kind psychological or mental disorder but it is quite true. A lot of crazy people and put together in a decent story and it turned out quite nicely. I do feel though that the pacing of the story was a little off with certain areas glossed over too quickly while other less interesting parts were just short of being too long and unbearable.

Family portrait in happier times

Disappointing Ending

The story stopped short of being awesome because of an awkward and repetitive plot twist just at the end. As a whole though Innocent love is a decent drama with some interesting characters. It has some tear jerking moments and numerous high points that will keep you interested until the end.

Akiyama Youji will do anything fr his sister

Many scenes take place inside a Catholic Church


Ikeda Hiro – the definition of an inquisitive journalist