Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO as it is often abbreviated is a very popular Japanese drama that was originally a manga series. It was one of the first series recommended to me when I decided to take my Japanese drama plunge. With only a few series under my belt I can see why GTO came so highly recommended.

Great Teacher Onizuka is about a motorcycle gang leader who decides to follow his dream and become a teacher. His first set of students are anything but angels and from day one are hell bent on making his job as difficult as possible. He even faces opposition from his fellow teachers. He uses quick thinking, unconventional teaching methods and his experiences in life win over his students and colleagues.

Onizuka’s role made this drama awesome

GTO is a classic and touches on many lessons in life such as perseverance,  following your dreams and believing you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Every episode is enjoyable especially the later ones that leads up to an awesome ending. If you are like me and new to the Japanese drama watching world or want to just check out a one off drama series this is the perfect series to watch.

The beautiful Fuyutsuki-sensei