Joker Racer – Cars controlled via the net

Joker Racer is a service by a Tokyo based company called Joker Works that allows users to control RC cars and  model trains over the web. I have been follwing the progress of Joker Racer and should have made a post a long time go. All the function of the vehicle is controllable from a simple easy to use web interface that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to control the vehicle using just their web browser.


I took the monster trucks for a spin two weeks ago and had fun crashing into everything. Whats cool though is that you can also watch other users take control of the cars and join the line to wait your turn. I actually found myself watching more that driving. I remembered of Joker Racer earlier today and logged on to see what was happening only to realize that all the cars have been taken offline till mid November when a the service will be revamped. The announcement will come on November 6th at TechCrunch Japan’s Tokyo Camp.


My only two runs were controlling Monstertrucks

Feel free to check out the video of one of my crashadelic runs here, I’ll make a follow up post a few weeks from now when the service is back online and I have given it a proper test.

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