Otaku Encyclopedia and Crazy for Kanji

My quest to rediscover my reading mojo has been proving quite successful, the last Japan related book I read through was Japan: An Illustrated History and a few school and non Japan related books later I decided to get two more books, they are Crazy for Kanji: A Student’s Guide to the Wonderful World of Japanese Characters and The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan.


Otaku Encyclopedia and Crazy for Kanji being inspected

While cleaning out my man cave recently I dug up some Japanese study material that weren’t being used and decided to put them to use now. I have been stuck at Hiragana and Katakana only for whats seems like forever with knowledge of about a dozen or so basic kanji like mountain, gate and 4 -_-. I’ve been using Smart.fm on and off to help with my Kanji study but through research I decided to get a book help me understand the world of Kanji better and Crazy for Kanji is that book which will add another layer to Kanji study and practice. The Otaku Encyclopedia however wasn’t necessarily an impulse buy as I have been hearing about it for months and have been seeing it on many Japan blogs but it only became available in the States (and by extension Jamaica) last month, so I bought myself a geektastic gift online.


L Meeting Moe-chan

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3-D girls vs 2-D girls

Apparently my Nendoroid L is not a big fan of all things moe and got up from his chair to give me a good scolding while reminding me of the benefits of liking living breathing 3-D girls over their 2-D counterparts. Interestingly enough my reading guide for the Otaku Encyclopedia is called “Moe-chan” and can be seen just above L’s head mocking him. Please vote in the poll at the end of this post and decide weather to side with or go against L’s female philosophy, watch this video which might help you decide.


Crazy for Kanji going through immigration

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Security is Tight

Being the only Gundam figure I own that’s not really a “Gundam” GN-X III gets picked on a lot by my other Gunpla mainly Exia, but to counter his inferiority complex I assigned him the role of room guard. Above he can be seen inspecting my new Crazy for Kanji book just before it is admitted entry into the Kingdom of Jamaipanese.

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Crazy for Kanji: A Student’s Guide to the Wonderful World of Japanese Characters
The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan

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11 thoughts on “Otaku Encyclopedia and Crazy for Kanji

  1. I ordered Crazy for Kanji a couple of weeks ago. Oddly enough, I opened it and started looking through it about two hours ago. Are you stalking my bookshelf?

        1. I’m looking forward to reading the review as well. I need a good Kanji book and trying to figure out which one(s) to buy.

  2. i dont have to buy i got a library card where i can get as much manga and books as i want lol, well i was looking for a book review so i stumbled and hit my face in this rock lol well i hope crazy for kanji is good:p

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