Nobuta wo Produce

Nobuta wo Produce is the second Japanese drama I have taken the time to watch properly and see through to the end. My Japanese drama plunge continues and my readers can look forward to many more reviews of Japanese dramas that I enjoy watching. Have you seen a drama you want to recommend? feel free to drop me a line.

Kiritani Shuji –  popularity is everything to him and school is a game

Nobuta wo Produce Plot Synopsis

Nobuta wo Produce is about Kiritani Shuji, a student who goes to great lengths to ensure he is popular at school. He is the coolest guy at school, he is liked by everyone and has the most beautiful girl as his girlfriend. There is one guy named Akira Kusano who Shuji can’t stand probably because he has seen through his popularity act. Akira is a unique boy he talks and acts funny and annoys Shuji regularly. One day a strange girl named Nobuko Kotani gets transfered  to their school and soon starts getting picked on because she is quiet and withdrawn due to problems at home. Shuji soon grows tired of the way his schoolmates treat Kotani and decide to team up with Akira to “produce” Kotani and their first order of business is to give a codename to their actions. The code becomes a play on Kotani’s last name Nobuko which becomes “Nobuta” with the “buta” meaning “pig” (pig = ugly right?) in Japanese, then so begins Nobuta wo Produce.

How dare they call Kotani a pig, Kawaii ne?

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Why I like it

At first I thought this would be the classic ugly duckling to beautiful swan story that has been told in different forms repeatedly but I was pleasantly surprised to find a entertaining, story heavy and funny drama about school life, friendships and life’s lessons. The story doesn’t flow as well as I’d want it to sometimes but maybe thats due to me still being a Japanese drama virgin and still looking at it through western eyes. My favourite character is easily Akira as there is never a dull momment when he is on screen.

Shuji and Akira

Have you seen Nobuta wo Produce? I’d love to get your feedback below. More images in the Nobuta wo Produce section of the gallery.

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8 thoughts on “Nobuta wo Produce

  1. If you want something more mature, try Arifureta Kiseki, very beautiful story with great actors. There are some great dramas in the current season, just to name some: Zeni Geba, Kiina, Love Shuffle and Voice :)

  2. I’ve seen Nobuta a few times already.(Horikita Maki who plays Nobuta really impressed me)
    Well some older good doramas are for example; Yasashii jikan, Haikei, Chichiue-sama which are written by the same writer. Both were very moving stories. For somethinf more fun try Kisarazu cat’s eye or Nodame Cantabile.
    As for this years doraman Triangle has kept me very intrigued.

  3. @ Jenny, nice recommendations! You don’t see people recommending Yasashii Jikan and Haikei Chichiue-sama everyday :) Ninomiya Kazunari is truly a great actor, and the same goes for Nagasawa Masami in Yasashii Jikan!

  4. Well, what can I say I’m a dorama addict ^^
    I’m a huge fan of Kazunari Ninomiya, he impressed me in both series (if only he’d be in more doraman like these)

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