Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009

The Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 is one of 3 major expos in Tokyo I wish I was able to attend, the other 2 being the Tokyo Game Show and Tokyo Motor Show. Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 will be taking place from Wednesday March 18 to Saturday March 21, 2009 at the Tokyo Big Sight.


Over 130, 000 inviduals from all over the world are expected to pass through the fair. I will not be there in person but I will be seeking out any information, videos and pictures I can source online. All I can do for now is dream of a day I will be able to attend such an event.

Tokyo International Anime Fair – Official Website

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19 thoughts on “Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009

  1. I thought you’d actually made it to Japan? Did something happen?? Anyway, go after September but before August 2010 and I can be your tour guide! [jamaica]

  2. @ Mike…me in Japan? I don’t know how you got that idea but unfortunately I cannot afford the trip just yet! When I do make it though look out for the breaking news on CNN and BBC :D doubt I will make it before then but I will be seeking your feedback and guidance!

    @ Tornadoes, I never will give up my dream!

  3. I wish I could attend too. Anime-themed events can be so much fun! I heard somewhere that public Cosplaying isn’t allowed…only the event staff can do it, but it doesn’t matter as long as it’s enjoyable. ^_^

  4. Hey! Tell u what, DONT GIVE UP! After all…it was my dream too, and the past month my dream came true…im actually now in Japan! Ive stayed here one month and Im leaving this 20.

    Also I went to the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009, this 18, although it was a business day and not a public day, it was pretty cool! Im so lucky and so grateful!

    SO…KEEP DREAMING!! I know you will do it one day!

  5. @ Stunner, I know what else you’d go for :P

    @ Weronika, I will have my revenge! call me soon!

    @ Sanjo-chan, cosplaying or not I just want to go -_-

    @ Bring me along!

    @ Darlo, you and me brother

    @ Lina, don’t tell me you have crossed over to the “dark side”

    @ Shibuya, I am thinking about releasing them so that other users can use them

    @ Habieru, congratulations on realizing your dream and thank you for your encouraging words

  6. ya
    i wish i can afford the trip nut i am not allowed [cry] Oh man i don’t know wht the the heck will i do to my house if i didn’t visit [evil] [pole] 2010 anime [anime] fair [japan]

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