Giveaway Winners + Awesome Live Show

I had a really awesome time yesterday while broadcasting my first Jamaipanese live show via ustream. I topped out at a whopping 12 viewers with a few people missing out on the show time. The main feature of the first live show was to draw the winners for the kanji poster and audio tours giveaway. The poster was easily the most popular of the prizes. It was a moderately smooth show as I was fortunate enough to have an experienced ustreamer (@SanMan_ish) logging on and helping me. I practiced a few times trying to ensure I understood the interface and settings but on the day I had to drop kick a bug or two.

Astraea was supposed to be the main co-host but he brought his friends to the party

Other than the giveaway I showed off a few of my anime figures mainly Astraea, Double O Gundam, Seravee, Nendoroid L and the scrumptious Yoko Littner. Also chatted about Operation Visit Japan, the second episode of the All Hail Japan podcast and answered a few questions. A few peeps have asked afterward why I did not record the episode and why I will not record future ones and its simple – you only get one time to tune in and a recording would just spoil the vibe – thats why its a “live show” afterall ^_^. HUGE thank you to the sponsor of the prizes White Rabbit Press – check out their website NAOW!

Giveaway Winners

  • Luke – Kanji Poster [entry via comment]
  • Alpha Ralpha – Kabukicho audio tour [entry via Twitter]
  • Mark – Akihabara audio tour [entry via comment]
  • CyberStrike – $10 White Rabbit Press gift voucher [tuned into the live show]
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* prize winners will be getting an email shortly to work out how they will get their prizes.

forgot to talk about Monster Hunter Tri o_O

Hi5 to a few pals

hi5 to @SanMan_ish @phossil @CyberStrike @tonesvenn streamjah and the half dozen or so guests for tuning in. I had so much fun I can’t wait to do it again! A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition, look out for more in the near future with more awesome prizes! So bookmark the Jamaipanese Ustream Channel and follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


P.S. if you are reading this and have something(s) you think my readers would be interested in winning in a future competition or live show feel free to contact me.

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