Best of from 2017

Last year when doing my Best of 2016 post I said that it was a good year. Well if 2016 was good, 2017 was even better! The biggest highlight of the year was moving to Japan; a reality that 5 months in I am still having trouble believe to be true at times. Check out my handpicked list of the best posts I made to in 2017. 2018 will be huge with my focus being YouTube and partnering with other bloggers and creators. If you are new here say hi on TwitterFacebook or Instagram!

Japanese Calendar Festival 2017

The Annual Japanese Calendar Festival returned in 2017 at a new venue; the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston. I attended with my family as its an opportunity to expose them to Japanese culture and we were not disappointed.

I used to hate on smartphone gamers…

Mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many say its earnings have already surpassed traditional gaming on dedicated gaming consoles, handhelds, and PC. I’m here to confess that I used to hate on mobile gamers and games until I found myself enjoying gaming on my mobile phone.

The Spirit of Budō: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts

The National Museum Jamaica, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica, officially opened a temporary exhibition titled “The spirit of Budō: The History of Japan’s Martial Arts.” This exhibition seeks the understanding of viewers about the brief history of Japanese martial-arts-from battlefield combat techniques to popular sports or physical exercise tempering the body and spirit.

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My 1st Genealogy Report

I recently paid to have a Genealogy report done on myself. For a long time, I wanted to learn more about my family and those I descended from. Though the earliest time spot in the current report is the marriage of my maternal great x2 grandparents in the year 1900 it made for a fascinating read. I will be paying again to try to go even further back but I wanted to share some highlights from the report.

Kingston to Ama-cho

So there I was sitting in the barber chair trimming my mini fro when the phone rings. It’s the Japanese Embassy! I’m congratulated told to get a pen as my new home will soon be in Shimane. Shimane? Hmm never heard of it but I’m so excited I jump out the chair to weird looks from the other patrons in the barbershop. “Shimane is your prefecture and Ama-cho is your contracting organisation”, said a friendly voice on the phone, sounds cool enough.

Samus Edition 3DS and Metroid: Samus Returns

Rewarding yourself for achieving things/goals is one of my favourite ways to motivate myself. My last reward to myself was a trip to New York when I finished undergrad studies. Fast forward almost a year and throw a list of things too numerous to mention I now live in Japan!

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Japan Scene 4: Attacked by Rice Worshipers

It was supposed to be a normal lunch session at my junior high school. I’m not someone who eats a lot of food at once; I eat small portions often. Needless to say the speed eating coupled with large portions of food served for lunch is an almost daily struggle. Thankfully it is very tasty (most days), and the kids and teachers understand my hatred of natto and devour it for me when its served one or twice per month. Though I have slayed the natto demon its the rice god and its worshipers that strike fear into my heart daily.

I didn’t like Star Wars the Last Jedi

I watched Star Wars the Last Jedi on opening night here in Japan. I gave it a few days and I will watch it again after this post, but, I didn’t like the film…