I used to hate on smartphone gamers…

Mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many say its earnings have already surpassed traditional gaming on dedicated gaming consoles, handhelds, and PC. I’m here to confess that I used to hate on mobile gamers and games until I found myself enjoying gaming on my mobile phone.

Traditional Gamer

I’m what you could call a “traditional gamer” who grew up in the height of the console and PC golden age. I experienced the jump from 2D to 3D, used to foam at the mouth when watching cut scenes in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IV and although a lifetime Nintendo fanboi the PS2 was home to some of the greatest games ever. But then, the mobile phones attacked.

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At first, these glorified pagers were no threat but with each update and leap forward we saw better screens, faster speeds, and more dedicated game development. For me the bomb dropped when Pokemon Go nearly broke the internet but Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon only made a splash in the dedicated gaming pool.

I have become what I despised

Inspecting my own gaming habits I must admit that I have been assimilated by the mobile phone gaming hordes despite owning a PS4 and having a gaming PC. I’ve spent far more time fighting the Empire as Han Solo in Star Wars Force Arena than escorting Prince Noctis to his wedding in Final Fantasy XV. I was far more excited about the release of Fire Emblem Heroes than its “full-fledged” console counterparts coming soon for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

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While I often proudly state that I have never spent real money on my smartphone gaming habits (at the time of this post), I’m starting to think that this might be a plus for smartphone gaming than a backhanded swipe. Now excuse my while I dust off my Hearthstone deck I need to train up so I can compete with my smartphone gamer pals sprinkled all over the globe.

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