My photos are in the Daisen-Oki National Park international photo exhibition

Days after moving to Japan, I learned of a photography competition (Daisen-Oki National Park international photo competition) seeking entries from international residents. I was encouraged to submit a few shots and I did! The result? I made the cut and my photos along with others are being displayed Tottori/Matsue/Oki Islands area of Japan. I headed to the largest Oki Island (Dogo) on New Year’s Eve and was pleasantly surprised to see my ugly mug being displayed alongside my photos in the ferry boarding area. I had honestly forgotten about my entry months prior.

My entries are entitled Hishiura Farewell and Nishinoshima View and were taken literally days withing moving to the Oki Islands. I’m very happy with the shots and very humbled that they are being exhibited at different locations. I hope to enter many more photography competitions like this when I can. Check out the two entities and their descriptions below. Please click the images for full resolution versions – feel free to use non-commercially.

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Hishiura Farewell

Many teams from different areas in Japan were at a soft tennis competition in Ama for 3 days and after the closing ceremony I witnesses a heartwarming sendoff for those not residing in Ama.

Nishinoshima View

The light from the setting sun and the natural vegetation in the background complimented the picturesque village view.

For more information about the Daisen-Oki National Park visit the official website and check out National Parks of Japan on Instagram.

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