Post-launch Log

One week in and what a transition! A month ago I was sitting at my desk as a government drone toiling away at increasingly less challenging tasks, today I am waking up to the sounds of rural island life in Japan.

My supervisor, predecessor and yours truly!

I really bonded with my batch of fellow Jamaicans headed to Japan. The seperation after having our local orientation, sharing tips while getting ready together, basic Japanese classes, the journey to Japan and Tokyo orientation was rough for me but we continue to support each other and I really hope our group sticks together.

The Usain Bolt craze is alive in my town

Post-Tokyo Orientation things have gotten real!

  • Setting up bank account
  • Getting my permanent Japan phone number
  • Meeting BOE Staff in my area
  • Checking out the local spots
  • Getting to know my neighbours
  • Being the new attraction in town
  • Learning how to get around with no sense of direction
Some of my new Jamaican family in Japan

I can honestly say I am well taken care of and very happy at the moment. I’m riding this positive wave at the moment while being grateful that I have the support for when the honeymoon is over.