I didn’t like Star Wars the Last Jedi

I watched Star Wars the Last Jedi on opening night here in Japan. I gave it a few days and I will watch it again after this post, but, I didn’t like the film…

Incoming spoilers

Snoke is dead? Rei’s parents are nobodies? What was the point of Finn and Rose’s story arc? Those are my biggest gripes but there are other minor ones like story pacing and some stupid dialogue. There were some positives though: the majority of the action sequences were well done and there was some really good scenes, new characters and humour.

Supreme Leader

My biggest annoyance is the fact that Kylo Ren is now the leader of the First Order and seemingly the other Sith alive. I like Kylo, I’ve said that before in my Star Wars Episode 7 writeup. However is he leader material? No. He is a spoilt brat prone to temper tantrums with granddad issues. Snoke was so mysterious, so powerful, so fresh; a worthy successor to Emperor Palatine/Darth Siddius. I’m to believe he is now dead? So cheaply in an uneventful way? He can’t be dead, my sith-loving heart refuses to accept it.

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I’ll give the movie a other watch (or two) in the coming days but for now it’s a 6/10 for me. I’m interested in hearing other people’s thoughts, so leave a comment or tweet me @Jamaipanese

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  1. I liked many of the things you mentioned but hated the Harry Potter Esq casino sequence and many of the jokes. Almost as much bad as there was good.

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