Stand UP!! – Japanese Drama

After almost drowning in a sea of tears while watching Innocent Love I decided that the next Japanese drama I would check out after that would have to be more cheerful. Stand UP!! is a drama that is as cheerful as they come and with a plot synopsis that caught my attention I decided to give it a watch and I happy to report that I do not regret doing so.


Stand UP!! Plot Synopsis

Summer holidays are about to begin and a group of four friends who grew up together; all sixteen year old find themselves being the only virgins left in in High school and due to that are teased and ostracized by their peers. A female friend of theirs who they competed for as young boys suddenly return to the neighborhood and join in on their summertime adventures involving friendship, love, family, life and so many more experiences and lessons.


The main gang in Stand Up!!

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Meet the Cast

The main character in Stand UP!! is Shōhei who has an unhealthy crush on his teacher plus a hyperactive imagination, Kenken gives new meaning to the word train freak, Udayan is an aspiring musician who likes peeking under girls skirts, Kōji is a very good soccer player  and quite possibly the coolest within the gang except when it comes to talking to girls and finally Chie, the female friend who reappears suddenly and is seeking to reproduce her experiences growing up with the boys while hiding a dark secret. Mix in their parents, teachers, schoolmates and others and you have a very lively and funny cast that all play their roles well over the course of the show.

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This teacher is known to cause elevated hormone levels in teenage boys all over the world

The immature, upbeat and family friendly story of Stand UP!! makes if a very memorable experience. I’ve had great experiences watching comedy themed Japanese dramas like My Boss My Hero and Akihabara@DEEP. Stand UP!! is another enjoyable and hilarious one that I enjoyed that you should watch too if you haven’t done so already.


Shōhei is the main character in Stand Up!!


Shōhei and his overactive imagination


I never got tired of the “flashy” antics of these girls on screen


11 thoughts on “Stand UP!! – Japanese Drama

  1. Ah! I love this drama, it’s definitely one of my favorites that I’ve seen so far. It’s cool that this particular show was filmed a while back and people can still connect to it and appreciate it’s humor.

    O yea, and thanks to your Nobuta Wa Produce blog– I actually ended up watching it within a day.. thanks for the review!

  2. You should try and watch Kisarazu cat’s eye.
    It has a few of the same actors and the writer Kudo Kankuro is great.
    I laughed so hard watching it.
    But this is a fun series too, I felt so sorry for the guys because they really
    did not have that much luck with girls.

  3. hi, where can i watch this. ive looked everywhere for it! and one thats not a torrent if possible. thankyou

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