Final Fantasy XIII Elixir – I want some!

Final Fantasy XIII will be out in Japan in a couple days and is expected to be one of the biggest video game releases ever. There has been a whirlwind of promotions going on to make the most of the one of the most anticipated games of the year and one of the most interesting ones if Final Fantasy 13 drink called “Elixir”.


Premium Complete Box set of Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

A Final Fantasy themed drink is not a new weapon in Square-Enix’s promotions arsenal as previous editions of Final fantasy games and even special anniversaries had gotten the elixir treatment in the past most notable was 2 years ago during the 10 year anniversary celebrations for Final Fantasy VII when I even asked my readers to buy me a potion because my HP is low. My HP is low again so who wants to buy me some?

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir Commercial

Final Fantasy XIII Elixir taste test?

Fellow J-Blogger Aaron who is currently in Japan ran into a couple cans at a convenience store and was kind enought to adopt the poor creatures. He took pictures, made a blog post and a cool video about the drink that you should check out. In Japan and interesting in increasing your power level or reaching a another level? or are you like me and outside Japan but would want to grab a can are two? These are the prices according to the official Suntory Japan store;

  • Premium Complete Box set of Final Fantasy XIII Elixir – 4980 yen or $56
  • Final Fantasy XIII Elixir with mini trading cards – 5884 yen or $66
  • Final Fantasy XIII Elixir version 1 and 2 24 packs – 4813 yen or $54

Look out for a separate post in a few weeks detailing my excitement about the release of Final Fantasy XIII in the west next March.

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14 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Elixir – I want some!

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention man! I haven’t told anyone yet, but I already have all 16 cans. lol

    I’ve drank half of them already. I’ll have to get a group picture of all them once they are all empty. Kinda wished I would have bought the box set with it’s uber fanciness. Ah well.

      1. The taste of Elixir is similar to cider soda. Kinda like Mitsuya Cider.

        I’ll probably buy a single version of the Elixir with a mini figure. It’s about 1000 Yen, but I’d love to get that 17th (and final) can for the collection.

  2. It sounds delicious. And, honestly, I’d pay the extra money just for the novelty of drinking an Elixir “Potion”. Plus, I’d want the set as a collector’s item.

    I’ve been moving every few years for my entire life so I’ve never been in a situation where I could start collecting things. Hopefully in about five years that’ll change and I can finally indulge in a long put-off hobby of collecting anime / FF related stuff.

  3. I read about these a while back on Kotaku. I’m thinking about ordering some online. I wish a few Asian grocers around where I live would special order it, but then no one would no what it is (people not familiar with FF). ^^;

  4. Reminds me of the good olde days when I used to collect beer cans with my brother. Not that we could drink the beer or anything then – lol.

    Not sure if I would drink them or just hold on to them ?

    The card set may be a bit easier for me to get a hold of.

  5. Do they taste good? I plan on getting some on my trip to Japan at the end of the month! I want the set, but not sure at all if I would drink it.. maybe buy one can to regain my HP and then the set just for me :-p

  6. What is the release date on the premium box set and are they sold in regular grocery stores and 7-elevens or are they online only?

  7. I’m working here in Japan and noticed them and the local grocery. It taste like Sprite, Only a nasty aftertaste to it. It did wake me up tho, lol. I wouldn’t mind collecting them. I should just get the collector edition, and maybe put some up on ebay. I’m sure someone would get it. Honestly the artwork is pretty cool I think.

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