Buy me a Potion my HP is low

Only 77, 777 bottles of a special Final Fantasy potion will be available as part of celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, which is one of the most popular Final Fantasy titles ever released. The potion is also a part of a special collector’s item package marking the release of the new Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on the PSP which is a prequel to the Playstation original and now available in Japan.


I want to buy one so badly but I am trying to be disciplined as I save for a new digital camera and other geek toys I have my eyes on for this Christmas. I wonder if any of my wonderful readers would be so kind to replenish my health points. Hey it comes in a cool bottle! ^_^


Suntory Final Fantasy Premium Potion Set ~ Shinra Company version

Contents: grape extract, sugar, royal jelly, propolis, camomile, sage, tyme, hysop, marjoram, rosemary, basil, lemon herb (melissa), amino acid, caffeine, vitamin B6, B1. The potion bottle is refillable too — fill it with your favorite health replenisher (maybe vodka would work)! A super item for FF7 fans!

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