Shore Trooper from Star Wars Rouge One

My figure collection expanded further recently when I acquired a 1/12 scale Shore Trooper model from Star Wars Rogue One. The figure was a gift from my pal Mike who is a fellow ALT on the JET program here in Shimane, Japan. I should have gotten it from my birthday in March but due to circumstances beyond my control I only got in in my clutches recently.

Blaster Action

Compared to me, Mike is a master figure builder as he not only built my shore trooper but also added amazing weathering and battle effects. My favourite of these effects being what seems like blaster burns on his helmet and arm. I usually build my figures as is with no retouching or weathering other than minor marker touches. I also haven’t built anything challenging in a while but I have a high-grade XXXG-OOWO Wing Gundam ZERO lined up to warm up on next.

Securing my home

Again I absolutely love my Shore Trooper gift. He will guard my genkan (house entrance in Japan) to ensure that all visitors know that my home is aligned with the Empire. With this figure I know have a figure in every room of my house in Japan. My favourite being my Tie Fighter in my living room and Yoko in my bedroom.

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