E3 2019 – The 5 Most Exciting Games

E3 2019 didn’t disappoint even though Sony was absent. All the games I was looking forward to seeing were present although I didn’t get official news on a new Nintendo Switch model as I had hoped. My Ps4 will be happy for at least another 18 months with news expected on the Ps4 soon. Here are the 5 most exciting games I saw at E3 2019.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Cyberpunk 2077 – a game from a game company who listens and respects the feedback and input from its customers. You can tell when a game is developed out of a labour of love vs when it is pushed out the gate as fast as possible so the money can start flowing. CD Project Red is one of the biggest stars in the gaming industry at the moment and I am excited to play their Cyberpunk themed futuristic RPG come next year.

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster – Final Fantasy 7 usually has the fans screaming and rightfully so; its one of the best selling games in the series with memorable characters and a story. It has spawned so many spinoffs. However Final Fantasy 8 is my favourite in the series to this date, the story, the characters and the music is carved into my brain and I have been foaming at the mouth for news of a remake or remaster. I have finally gotten my wish as at times I felt that FF8 was like the ugly stepchild of the Final Fantasy series.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses – Fire Emblem on the Gameboy advance was my first jump into the series. I also played Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones but then was unable to play any other games from the series since then. That changes with Three Houses as out of all the games on this list I have been following Three Houses closely and will finally buy a Nintendo Switch just so I can enjoy this game.

Star Wars Fallen Order – Star Wars games have been terrible in recent times. I don’t need to get into that backstory about why. However, Fallen Order showed me just enough to keep me interested and wanting more. I just hope I won’t be disappointed with the final product. I would have rather be playing as a Sith instead of yet another Jedi but alas let’s see how it plays and what possible expansions are made.

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Elden Ring – Another of companies that command gamers’ attention just when their name is mentioned. From Software’s next project is already a must buy for me even without gameplay and just a teaser trailer. George R.R. Martin of Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) fame is just the cherry on top that will ensure this is a mature detailed world to get lost in.

Are there any games revealed or showcased at E3 2019 that you are excited about? Leave a comment below or tweet me @Jamaipanese.

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