Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Its Star Wars season boys and girls and I couldn’t resist the urge to pick up a collectible. Star Wars the Force Awakens is out now and few geeked out more than me over the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. This 15 part collectible set me back about us$20 and is manufactured by Revell.

Action Sounds and Light!

Its been a long time since I bought any non-anime related collectibles but the set was a breeze to put together and the quality was better than I though it would have been. The big feature which you usually don’t find in kits in this price range is what the manufacturer describes as “action sounds and light” which basically is the iconic pew pew that TIE makes and a snazzy LED.

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For the Star Wars geek in your life

Pick this up for the Star Wars geek in your life! The other options in this set from Revell include Poe’s X-Wing, a generic Resistance X-Wing and of course the Millennium Falcon. Tweet me @JamaipaneseΒ even if you prefer a X-Wing over a TIE Fighter and leave a comment with your thoughts on the new Star Wars movie. May the force be with you!

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