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The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider’s Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan is a book I picked up and blogged about early last month that I have been reading in my free time since. As the title of the book states the Otaku Encyclopedia is detailed well researched guide to interesting subculture of Japan as it related to pop idols, anime, music, manga and more. It is truly a great resource that can be used to expand your knowledge of the topics listed above.


What’s inside the Otaku Encyclopedia?

Firstly, the Otaku Encyclopedia is a real “encyclopedia” filled with over 600 alphabetical listings of everything otaku related from Bandai (Japanese toy maker) to Seinen Manga (manga targeted at young adults) and is complete with with an anime style guide character called Moe-chan. An added incentive to want this book is the interviews with Otaku related personnel such as J-pop idol and blogger Shoko-Tan, artist Takashi Murakami, otaku expert Okada Toshio and famous cafe maid hitomi. I have been wanting this book for many months before I finally got my paws on it as it was released in Japan and other countries in June but only made it to the west in October which allowed me to snatch it off Amazon.


Double O Gundam keeping my company while I read

About the Author

The Otaku Encyclopedia was written by Patrick W Galbraith, a guy who is well known all over Akihabara where he is regularly cosplaying as Super Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball Z. When not firing off ka-me-ha-me-has he earns a living as a journalist writing regular columns for various magazines, websites and other publications. He is a potential PH.D candidate who doesn’t plan to study regular geeky subjects like neurology or quantum physics instead he is studying … Otaku!


Inspirational window into Otaku subculture of Japan

As a Japan enthusiast thousands of miles away from Tokyo the Otaku Encyclopedia does well to offer a window to have a small peek on Otaku culture, its development and evolution in Japan. It makes me even more excited and focused so that I may one day experience first hand what is like to be in Japan so for me just looking at the book from time to time offers inspiration. Have you been reading any books lately? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment.

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