Japanese Man Marries Video Game Girl

A Japanese Man who goes by the name “SAL 9000” has become quite the celebrity, not for being found naked in a public place, flinging poop at passing bikers or buying Gundam themed condoms. Instead he has becoming famous for marrying a video game character, yes you read that right, he married a video game character from an anime themed dating simulation for the Nintendo DS made by Konami called Love Plus.


His wife’s name is Nene Anegasaki and a simple ceremony would not have been enough for him to express his undying love for his wife so SAL 9000 hired a priest, had a MC, an audience and the bride’s best friend (also a video game character). All this was streamed live over the internet from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. That’s when the popular Boing Boing technology blog picked up the story, there is even a video embedded below.

I’ve seen some weird news coming out of Japan in the years I have been a Japan enthusiast but this is right up there near the top of the “what the f*ck” list. SAL 9000 is an adult and I am not condemning his actions but damn you have to wonder what is going on in his mind to not only attempt such an action but to take it seriously! Screenshot from The Love Plus video game below in case you are reading this and want to pick out your wife before they all get snapped up. Links to more details on the story below.


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18 thoughts on “Japanese Man Marries Video Game Girl

  1. I mean, why not? Let the guy do as he pleases, nobody asks for your approval anyway. No offense meant by that of course, just saying that people have their own ways of having fun, hehe. ^^ And it could’ve been a major publicity stunt, too, who knows. “How much gossip would that generate, I wonder… let’s try it out.”

  2. where did you find that story bro?? I am going to have to borrow it for my blog in my next posting… with your permission of course ???

  3. I saw this on Boing Boing. Someone had posted it to Twitter. Then, as now, I can’t help but wonder … WTF? People are screaming and crying over gay marriage in the US, but in Japan they’re wedding fictional characters.

    If that’s what the guy wants to do, then good for him. Hopefully the creator of the character doesn’t write in a divorce that causes this guy to have to pay alimony.

  4. First let me say, I’m maybe a bit of a dictator and not too much a fan of this you’e an adult and do what you want kinda thing. That said, I must admit from the few screen shots the girls look hot indeed and maybe that was incentive enuff. [love]
    Next, wat’s the point of a marriage again, someone remind me; was just wondering how this wud work. [eek]
    Last, I suppose this clearly must be ceremonial and not actual a legal matter – most marriages have some sort of consent involved (even if not that of the parties to the marriage) and some sort of signing of a legal document to be put on the state’s records.
    Oh PS, dibs on Lara Croft…I called her first! Whoohoo [smile]

  5. That’s… a little weird! I’m happy for the ‘couple’ and all, but how can you be completely satisfied with something like that, to the point where you marry?

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