World Cup 2010 Group Draw Results

The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. Italy won the last World Cup in 2006 which was held in Germany and since then the countdown has been ticking down for the 2010 tournament that will be held in South Africa. Jamaica failed to qualify but 32 of the best footballing nations in the world and their fans will descend on South Africa next June. The group draws were held yesterday which decides where each team is placed in the tournament and who they will play.


My Favorite Teams

Japan can be seen in Group E alongside the Netherlands, Denmark and Cameroon – all excellent teams. There are quite a few teams I support with my favourite international team being Argentina who are in a slightly easier group with Nigeria, Korea and Greece. My other favourite teams are Germany, England, Netherlands and Argentina but I am also supporting all the teams from Africa.

All eyes on the African teams

Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, South Africa, Nigeria and Algeria are the African representatives and I am hoping and least half of them make it through the group stages in to the last 16 and then I think anything is possible. If I had to pick my two favourite African teams they would have to be Ghana and Ivory Coast.


Excited about the World Cup too?

I’ll be following the World Cup closely and blogging about it any change I get, Japan has it hard but I really hope they can make it thought to the last 16 at least. Brazil, Spain and the Netherlands are easily the main favourites, I can’t wait to watch the excitement unfold!

FIFA World Cup Draw