Awesome Tilt-shift Photography Examples

Tilt-shift Photography is type of photography that uses selective focusing and manipulation to make a scene in a photograph look miniaturized. I have been experimenting for a while now with a free tool to generate tilt-shift photographs over on my photo blog but was blown away by a set of tilt-shift photos from fellow blogger and Japan enthusiast James.


Shibuya Bus Station

I saw them on his blog and thought I’d share a couple of my favorites along with my attempts to recreate the effect in the past.Be warned though Jame’s examples are 10 times more awesome than mine. I really should make another attempt to create Jamaica or Kingston set of tilt-shift photos, that could just make a really interesting blog post.


View of New Kingston in Jamaica from my Office building


The world renowned Shibuya Crossing


Kool Runnings Water park in Negril when I visited Last year

Jame’s Blog

Be sure to visit Jame’s blog as he is a rather friendly guy who shares a lot of my interests. He blogs about Japan and otaku topics like Gundams. I’ve been pestering him for months now to hurry up and finish that 1/60 scale Gundam Exia he is building.

James did not use an online tool to get the tilt-shift effect in his photos as he is a photoshop genius unlike me -_-. If you want to experiment with and make your own Tilt-Shift photographs you can do so at @ and leave a comment with a link to your creations as I’d love to see them!