Kool Runnings Water Park – Negril, Jamaica

In an effort to enjoy the last bit of summer (although in Jamaica summer never seems to end) I accepted an invitation for a trip to Negril over the weekend. I endured the 5 our trip from Kingston by car and enjoyed the countryside views while realizing that it’s been 3 years since I’ve been anywhere on the north coast besides Ocho Rios. We arrived in Negril about midday and it was non stop fun and I didn’t get back to Kingston to the wee hours of Monday morning.

The Kool Runnings Water Park is a recently opened attraction and I made sure to enjoy myself on the slides, gokarting (and crashing), swimming and taking lots of pictures. I also got to spend some time with my girlfriend, her brother, her sister and her sister’s fiance. I was late for work yesterday and still haven’t fully recovered today. I am thinking about planning another trip in a few weeks so I can bring my sister along.

Kool Running’s Water Park Website

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18 thoughts on “Kool Runnings Water Park – Negril, Jamaica

  1. I know all too well which ride you are referring to. I didn’t go on it either (the one with the blue tube), there was something about 8 feet deep water I didn’t like very much. ^_^

  2. Went once; it was awesome; there was this one ride as afraid to go one though:P just because i can’t swim:P

  3. That place looks like alot of fun! Gotta check that out after this semester ;o) I haven’t been to a water park before, well its good to try something new nowadays.

  4. I lived in Negril like 15 years ago, I must say I think it’s time to go visiting. That’s a nice water park and your website is cool.

  5. je voudrais aller à Kool Runnings Water Park quelque jour, j’espère…

  6. kool runnings water park is very exciting with all those beautiful slides and the sun just shineing with beatiful wind following behind.kool runnings is very nice trust me,its very nice in negril jamaica with those beautiful beaches and water park.

  7. this is really fun and the price is k. i will visit this place a “whole heep a time “……..first place mi go and it so wonderful………mi luv it ….tata locks seh suh …….mad ting a kool runnings str8…
    five out a five……… [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica] [jamaica]

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