Tropical Storm Gustav is here

He is a day late but Gustav finally decided to leave Haiti alone after coming ashore as a huricane there and killing 23 people there and in neighboring Dominican Republi Gustav has been weakened to a topical storm and after looking like he was going north made a turn overnight and I am waking up watching the news and seeing Gustave just off the East coast of Jamaica.

So far all is well, just a few sprinkled and the occasional , Gustav is a day late, but weakened. No work today (yay!) and although I don’t think the storm will be too bad I’ll just chill at home with the family. by the way who names these storms anyway…I mean who would suggest the name “Gustav” for a storm?

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If you haven’t already done so follow me on twitter, I’ll be twittering any worthy updates on the storm there….unless the power goes -_-


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  1. I’ll be twittering from mobile the whole time4 pics included as well. pockettwit for pocket pc is the best.

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