Bye Bye Gustav

Lots and lots of rain, lots and lots of wind, no electricity, mosquitoes, wet floors and boredom don’t mix. Thats exactly what Tropical Storm Gustav has caused, I am so glad the power is back…so now I have a life again. I may have sounded too happy that a storm was coming but now I’m not in a very happy mood as the death toll so far for Jamaica is 11…bringing Gustav’s total body count to over 70 with Cayman Islands and Western Cuba next in his sights.

While typing this and watching the news I am hearing Gustav is quite healthy even after passing over Jamaica and is on the verge of becoming a hurricane again.

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5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Gustav

  1. @ Gordon…lucky you!

    @ Volt..damn sux to be living in Mona them….maybe her neighbors wifi stays on after the power goes out for a few minutes like mine does.

  2. WTF? My mom doesn’t have any power. It seems like everyone always gets electricity back before Mona.

    Even stranger was that she used the neighbour’s WiFi during the storm before her laptop battery died. Somehow.

  3. Gustav was good to Grand Cayman. Little rain, wind, nothing more. And to think it was a hurricane when it passed us. There was a bit more damage in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman though. Light poles down, debris in the road, houses damaged. The Brits sent the navy to assist, they provided a helicopter for a flyover, the damage has been assessed at about a million dollars (J$80 million) so far…

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