Gundam Cafe – A shrine for fans of the Gundam Franchise

Being the rabid Gundam fan I am I was disappointed that I was unable to see the Life-sized RX-78 Gundam in Tokyo or in Shizouka. My last chance to see it was when it returned disassembled in the name of charity but I unfortunately missed out on that opportunity too because I wouldn’t arrive in Japan until less than 2 weeks after it’s final scheduled display date. However there was one Gundam related attraction in Japan that was going nowhere and that was the Gundam Cafe.

Double pilgrimage 

My gundam loving heart fluttered when I first learned of it’s existence over a year ago and it immediately made unto my list of places to visit if operation visit Japan was a success and I got to visit Japan. As the anime gods would have it, I did make it to Japan and managed to make my pilgrimage to the Gundam Cafe not once but twice.

Gunpla on the wall and in the loo

The Gundam Cafe is seriously a shrine for Gundam and anime fans with not only the outside being Gundam themed but everything on the inside – even the bathrooms! The food and beverages all were Gundamized and the waitresses wore shiny futuristic fabric and had that high pitched genki voice that I usually loathed. I was unable to make it to a “real” maid cafe while in Akihabara so the Gundam Cafe was the closest I got as my eyes wandered around inspectiing ever detail espcially the Gunpla display on a section of the wall.

The food and drink may have been overpriced but it’s a pilgrimage I could see me doing again and again. Best enjoyed with other Gundam loving friends. I surprisingly saw quite a few super cute female patrons enjoying themselves while I was there, it warmed my mini-otaku heart.

Check out the video above as well as others I recorded at the Gundam Cafe and uploaded to the Youtube channel:

Want to visit the Gundam Cafe or been there already? Wish there was cafe themed off your favourite anime? Dragon Ball?Samurai Champloo? Full Metal Alchemist? Pokemon? Tell me all about it in a comment below!