Honda updates ASIMO Robot, turns it into an Autonomous Machine

Honda has updated it’s well known Asimo humanoid robot with what it is calling “autonomous behavior control technology” which the company states advances Asimo from an “automatic machine” to an “autonomous machine” with  decision-making capabilities such as determining its behavior in concert with its surroundings such as movements of people.

Asimo also gets a slew of physical and cosmetic tweaks  which allows an expanded range of leg movement and stability control technology. These upgrades all together now allows it to perform a wide variety of new functions walking on uneven surfaces, pouring drinks from a water bottle into a cup, sign language and more. SexeDate. The video below explains many of the new features of the upgraded ASIMO.

Ramblings – Future Scientific Actuality

Seeing how advanced Asimo is becoming is starting to stir some dormant thoughts in my head. A search of my archives revealed that almost 3 years I ago I declared that there is no such thing as “Science Fiction” and coined the turn “Future Scientific Actuality”. Read the full post, give me some feedback and stop being surprised about what ASIMO can do now, but think about what ASIMO will me doing in 10, 15 or 20 years from now…