From the Archives – July 2014 recently celebrated its 8 year blog anniversary. Occasionally I like to dive into the archives and fish out a couple posts from a few years ago that I think would be interesting for new readers to look at as well as be nostalgic to longtime readers. In this pick from the archives I try to explain the reason why your blood-type is so important in Japan and reveal that I am an O type warrior, discover a little piece of Japanese history related to Hashima Island and finally share my discovery of a retired Crown Colony Cruiser in the British Royal Navy named after Jamaica that saw action all over the world!


Japan’s Obsession with Blood Types

I have the same blood type as Queen Elizabeth II and Elvis Presley (still not sure if that’s a good thing). I’m not so special after all as half of Jamaica share my blood type – so much for being the long lost prince of a distant (as in not from this planet) kingdom. Moving on, I can donate blood to every blood type but I can only receive blood from other O types, thats cool I think I am rather kind guy or maybe me thinking “I am kind” is where me being vain comes in? Who knows, I don’t believe in this stuff anyway, but if a Japanese girl asks me my blood type my response will be  “I am an O type warrior”!

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Hashima Island Documentary

n 1916 the largest concrete structures in all of Japan were built on Hashima Island to help protect it’s inhabitants from typhoons and at it’s peak in 1959 the population was over 5000 or 1,391 people per 10,000 square metres the highest population density ever recorded in the world.

HMS Jamaica

HMS Jamaica – Former British Royal Navy Ship

The HMS Jamaica as she was called was one of many light cruisers named after what was then British colonial “possessions”. The HMS Jamaica saw action all over the world especially in the second world war and was one of the naval stars of the Korean War where it picked up the nick names “galloping ghost of the Korean coast” and “Fighting J”.

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