Japan’s Obsession with Blood Types

A few days ago I was asked to donate blood  for a coworker’s father who was about to undergo an operation. A few years ago I was scared of needles albeit not as bad as some of my friends. Over time though I slew the needle monster after various medicals, compulsory HIV tests and blood donations for friends doing operations or having babies. Apart from that point when the needle is poked through your skin and into your vein, I try to remain cool plus there is something about an attractive young nurse smiling and asking “are you comfortable Mr Brown?” that is so reassuring.


I remember reading (or glancing over) some information on a website a while back about the importance of your blood type in Japan. Apparently it’s as big as horoscope is in the west and can decide everything from the type of girl or your ideal soul mate to your chances of getting into a school or getting that new job. So of course I decided to see what my blood type says about me (at least in Japan) and this is what I found. Also please vote in the poll at the end of this post.

I’m an O type Warrior!

Apparently being an O type I am a “warrior” and along with the traits in the chart above I am also a trendsetter, loyal but very jealous. Pardon me if I’m just hung up on the “warrior” part. In case you are a fellow geek and thinking about it I usually play a mage, paladin or cleric in fantasy RPGs :D so I am not too sure how I became a warrior :P.


What else did I learn

I have the same blood type as Queen Elizabeth II and Elvis Presley (still not sure if that’s a good thing). I’m not so special after all as half of Jamaica share my blood type – so much for being the long lost prince of a distant (as in not from this planet) kingdom. Moving on, I can donate blood to every blood type but I can only receive blood from other O types, thats cool I think I am rather kind guy or maybe me thinking “I am kind” is where me being vain comes in? Who knows, I don’t believe in this stuff anyway, but if a Japanese girl asks me my blood type my response will be  “I am an O type warrior”!

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How to donate blood in Jamaica

In Jamaica and want to donate blood? You don’t have to donate directly to someone like I did, I was told by the nurses that all types of blood are in need so check out the blood bank for info on how to donate – it’s free, the nurses are friendly and you get free juice afterward, yay for free juice!

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