Jamaipanese.com Turns 8 Today!

Eight is a big number in internet years, and as of today February 2nd 2014 I am happy to share that Jamaipanese.com has been prancing about the blogosphere for 8 years! My little geek-flavoured slice of the internet continues to be my refuge as I share all that I find interested while staying connected to my readers from all corners of the globe.


The last year was very good to Jamaipese.com and although I didn’t manage to realize a few of my dreams and projects I had planned for the blog I intent to make more good things happen in 2014 so stay tuned! I spent some time looking through some older posts on Jamaipanese.com and was encouraged to put together a listing of important events over the Jamaipanese.com timeline. New and longtime readers can take a look at it below and share your thoughts via a comment or via twitter @Jamaipanese. A usual thank you for your support and looking forward to an excited year so stay tuned for some announcements in the coming weeks ;).

Jamaipanese.com Timeline of Important Events

  • January 2006 – Jamaipanese.com domain name registered
  • February 2006 – First post on Jamaipanese.com
  • May 2007 – Joined Twitter @Jamaipanese
  • June 2008 – Visits New York and Washington DC
  • November 2008 – 500th post on Jamaipanese.com
  • December 2008 – Converted Blog to WordPress
  • February 2009 – Recieves first Anime Figure – Gundam Double O
  • July 2009 – Jamaipanese.com Facebook Page Created
  • July 2009 – First Upload to Jamaipanese Youtube Channel
  • January 2010 – Announces Operation Visit Japan
  • April 2010 – Kanji Poster and Audio Tours Giveaway
  • May 2010 – First Jamaipanese.com Livestream
  • May 2010 – State of Emergency in Kingston Jamaica
  • September 2010 – Fullmetal Alchemist Postage Stamp Giveaway
  • January 2011 – Hikes the Blue Mountains the highest point in Jamaica
  • February 2011 – Five Year Anniversary
  • April 2011 – Jamaipanese.com Reader Survey and Feedback
  • September 2011 – First Trip to Japan
  • August 2012 – Starts attending University – BSc in Information Technology
  • January 2013 – Personal Achievement Award for Excellence in Blogging
  • March 2013 – Jamaipanese Portrait drawn by @Khisayama
  • June 2013 – Featured in Jamaica Gleaner’s Youthlink
  • July 2013 – Interviewed on Nationwide FM
  • October 2013 – First ever Jamaipanese.com Google Hangout