Japanese Language Study comes full circle

I recently celebrated the the 8th anniversary of Jamaipanese.com. Way back in 2006 I started this blog to document my study of the Japanese language and share my interest in Japan. In September 2005 I was enrolled in private classes at a small local language school where I was bouncing off the walls with excitement during each Japanese language lesson I attended after work. Fast forward to the present and even though I have really slacked off on my Japanese language study and regressed since visiting Japan in September 2011 I was excited to learn that there was an opportunity for me to study Japanese again.

Japanese language

I am now in my second year of College and unsurprisingly choose Japanese as one of my university electives this semester. My first surprise came day one when I found out that my same Japanese teacher from 2005 is again my sensei in 2014. Tomoko-sensei is an excellent teacher who loves her job and goes to great lengths to ensure her students are understanding what she is teaching. I jokingly remind her that I am her favourite student but she always responds jokingly how much of a bad student I am in her thick Japanese accent.

6 weeks in I am having fun. Admittedly these lessons are way below my level but I couldn’t resist finding the Japanese oasis in my desert of computer related courses (fattening my GPA is another benefit). Classes are fun and interactive and being one of 4 team captains in class I try to encourage and assist members of my team (we call our team “Shinobi”).


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