Japan Snippet – Narita Express

The Narita Express was the first trained I took when I arrived in Japan after a 20+ hour 2 plane trip from Kingston to Tokyo. That first relaxing train ride may have contributed to my romantic experience with the Narita Express. Many critics say it is expensive with better alternatives but for me it was the perfect train for my trip from Narita Airport to Yokohama. I had a Japan railpass, I could research the route online and most importantly the Narita Express is one good-looking train. Throughout the weeks I spent in Japan I had a couple sightings of the Narita Express at various stations when I was there including one that had a group of Japanese densha otaku (train enthusiasts) almost rolling over each other to get pictures. The Narita Express was also the last train I took when leaving Japan, making the trip back from Yokohama to Narita and I look forward to rekindling my relationship with it sometime in the future.

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Narita Express
Densha Otaku (Train Geeks) inside and outside Japan love the Narita Express