Lynxx is the new Kitten in town

Longtime readers should remember when I got my first kitten I named ‘Polar’ last summer and how her tragic accidental death left a gulf in my life that I am honestly not completely over. After months and months without a feline pal I was successfully encouraged by friends and family to rescue another Kitten which I did last December. Its now been just over 2 months since my new tabby arrived at home and while she could never take the place of my Polar she is quite the star in her own right.

100 snaps and 30 minutes later I managed to get a shot that wasn’t blurry

Choosing a new kitten from the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) shelter was very difficult but I had only one requirement; No Calico kittens. I didn’t want to subconsciously try to replace my previous cat by choosing one with a similar coloration but even after choosing my new kitten it was very hard to stop mistakenly calling her ‘Polar’ instead of by her own name – Lynxx. Why Lynxx? Because she actually looks like a baby Lynx (the rare wild cat which can be found in parts of North America, Northern Europe and Asia). The extra ‘X’ in the spelling of her name was added by my younger sister who unsurprisingly is VERY happy there is another kitten in the house and is now more protective of this one than I am.

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Neutering surgery left her with a red belly and a green ear that is mostly gone now

Lynxx has a completely different personality than my previous kitten. She is even more energetic (read destructive), not very vocal and has her own little quirks – each of which could be a blog post on their own. In the end I am very happy with my new pal while still keeping the memory of my old friend in a special place. Follow me on Twitter @Jamaipanese to see/read my Lynxx ramblings and more pictures and feel free to tweet me pictures of your own pet or share in a comment below!


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