Meet Polar – a Kitten I rescued

Two weeks ago I was at work, while heading outside to get some fresh air and escape the confines of my freezing office building I stumbled upon a very sick and diseased cat. A coworker and I decided to bring it to a nearby animal shelter – The Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or JSPCA. While there we were informed that the cat we found could not be saved it would be a “PTS”. “PTS? Whats is that?” I asked, “Put to Sleep” a volunteer replied. I was a little disappointed but I guess sleeping was a better way to go that dying in the street.

Love at first meow

While signing up the paperwork I asked about other kittens and/or puppies that were there and what the adoption process was like. I’d harbored dreams of someday adopting a puppy but dogs were not allowed in my housing scheme so I considered a kitten as an alternative. I went to check out the kittens and it was like walking into a “meow musical”. Almost all the kittens were already adopted but there was one – a mostly white character with a tri-coloured head and tail. That was when my heart melted and my prospecting turned out into the decision to adopt my very own kitten, here and there.Β Fast forward a few days and Polar was at my house, exploring and forcing me to be more responsible. I must admit the first few days were rough however Polar is growing on me and my family nicely especially my younger sister. Polar likes to stalk everyone and enjoys jumping out on her unsuspecting victims only to disappear behind a chair or under a table again.

Why the name “Polar”?

The first couple days the Kitten was named Pepsi, Faith, Ninja and Neko by various persons. I decided on polar because of her mostly white body, while being mostly black at the “poles” (head and tail) with hints of brown all over.

Pictures coming soon and tell me about your pet(s)

I will try to post photos of Polar soon, but at the moment it is quite difficult as likes attacking the camera and she almost never stays still enough for me to get anything put blurry shots. Do you have a pet cat? dog? bird? turtle? or something more exotic like a reptile? Tell me about them in a comment below or via Twitter @Jamaipanese.

4 thoughts on “Meet Polar – a Kitten I rescued

  1. I have two cats. They’re both about five years old now. We adopted them in Singapore and they’re in NYC with us now. They get easier to manage around the time they turn three or four years old. Congrats on your adoption!

  2. That’s very sweet & Polar is super cute, an overall delightful kitten. I miss having cats and at one point we had 4 cats (mother cat & her kittens). Now I have a puppy of pom mix named Ivy. She’s about to be 4yrs old in December & yes I refer to her as a puppy lol

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