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There is no shortage of posts here that cover my love of Twitter. My latest post less that a month ago details my appreciation for Twitter six years after first joining the micro-blogging service that grew into a social media powerhouse. Today I surfed into an interesting new service that analyses your of your Twitter activity; your top posts, top followers even your top photos tweeted and mashes it all together in a short quickly share-able video with customizable audio.ย I am a sucker for statistics and it didn’t take long for me to plug @Jamaipanese into the Vizify tool and out popped my video. Check it out here.

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Unsurprisingly I tweet a lot about Jamaica, Japan and my favourite football team. Surprisingly one of my most popular tweets speaks about saiyans and transformers landing on earth with another requesting a fish to climb a tree. Mix in my soon to be introduced new kitten companion and photograph ofย Somerset Falls and I’d say this video represents my Twitter adventures well.

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Twitter users? go ahead and plug-in your account and share with me via a comment or tweet me @Jamaipanese the results so I can take a look.

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