Pictures from Japanese Calendar Exhibition 2014

The 2014 staging of the Japanese Calendar Exhibition was well attended even though the venue was changed from the Sovereign Center to the Four Seasons Hotel. I attended and watched or participated in many Japan-themed activities such as calligraphy, origami, ikebana, quizzes, martial arts, synchronized swimming, cosplay and more.

Japanese calendars 2014
Dozens of Calendars of various designs were able to be won by atendees

I also managed to connect with a few longtime readers, met some new ones as well socialized with many fellow Japan enthusiasts who are excited about all the events that will be happening during this year’s celebration of the 50th year of bilateral relations between Jamaica and Japan. Below are some of the photos I managed to capture at the event:

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Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - friendship logo
Revealing the logo that will represent the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations between Jamaica and Japan
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - Yasuo Takase
Ambassador of Japan to Jamaica, Belize and the Bahamas – Yasuo Takase
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - ikebana
Ikebana has a long history in Jamaica and was also on show
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - 4
Young artists got a chance to express themselves by drawing popular anime characters
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - guilty gear faust
Faust (Guilty Gear) made a guest appearance
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - 3
Synchronized swimming was also on show
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - 5
Japanese Karate and self defense tips
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - cosplay
The JaCosplayaz Crew spoke about Cosplay and Anime Nation 2014 coming this August!
Japanese calendar exhibition 2014 - 8
It was an interesting event and all ages were exposed to Japanese culture


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  1. I wish I attended this event! Definitely looked like a good time along with a good turnout, which is always a plus. You take great photos. Thank you for sharing this [japan]

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