Attack on Titan Subaru Forester Commercial

Attack on Titan and Japanese car manufacturer Subaru has teamed up to create a new commercial for the Subaru Forester which features Titan. THe Attack on Titan live-action film is expected to be released in 2015 and the commercial was directed by the movie’s director Shinji Higuchi. I must say this is one of the coolest car commercials I have seen in a while and is certain to be viewed by millions.


Check out the commercial below and share your thoughts on it as well as the upcoming movie in a comment or tweet me @Jamaipanese. More information about the commercial and its creation can be found at (Japanese).

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One thought on “Attack on Titan Subaru Forester Commercial

  1. I had the opportunity to watch the complete anime over winter break, which is unfortunately over as of today. I had hopes of watching a lot more anime, but I wound up spending most of my time catching up on chores, errands, and Fringe marathons. Fringe is a great show! But anyway, Attack on Titan was outstanding. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. I just hope they don’t do something weird with the storyline. I’m hoping to have time to read the manga in advance. I don’t think the anime is going to kick out another season anytime soon because the manga still has to be written.

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